Frankie Cosmos released their third official light rock, life-changing album. If you think that’s an overstatement take a listen for yourself. Each song reaches into the depths of a soul bringing out the essentialness of the human experience, namely, confusion and love.


Even the title of the album, “Vessel” represents to lead singer Greta Kline, the feeling that she wasn’t made for this earth, saying in an interview with Pitchfork, “I’m allergic to everything and I’m weak!”


Without needing to read between the lines, Frankie Cosmos inspires their listeners to fully embrace the self, even through the uncomfortable experience of being a fallible human. This sentiment is summed up in the lyrics from the first single off the album, Being Alive, “Being alive, matters quite a bit, even when you feel like shit.”


What follows is a highlight reel of lyrics from Frankie Cosmos album “Vessel.”

Apathy: The title sums up our generation in a word- describing the relatable experience of an old dog laying on a nail, just comfortable enough to not do a thing about it. “Do you want to go on a date, or would that be hard to orchestrate.” It seems people often take the easier choice of avoiding the world.

As Often as I Can: Giving love is what our hearts demand of us. But it’s not always so easy to express ourselves. Frankie Cosmos promises to give love, “As as often as I can.”

This Stuff: If you ever feel an outcast, the simple statement, “I’m not like anyone else my age,” can make the confusion of being lonely a bit more understandable.

Jesse: Jesse, a staple character throughout Frankie Cosmos discography is back with a full song in dedication. In the song, Frankie Cosmos suggests the possibility that we really can do whatever we put our minds to, just that most of us just don’t: “And I knew, if I thought really hard about flying, I could probably do it and just too tired for trying.” Listening to the uplifting sweet tone of Gretta’s voice makes trying to fly worth the effort.

Duet: A love song for the hopelessly dorky romantics. “Making a list of people to kiss, the list is a million you’s long, just you’s all the way down.” And then the song breaks flow, with an alien-inspired uncomfortable breakdown, recognizing being hopelessly in love feels amazing even as it makes no sense.


Accommodate: Our culture tells people, especially femme people, to be accommodating, to be cooperative, to become smaller and be nondisruptive. Frankie Cosmos grapples with this wrong cultural teaching, fighting the status quo with the lyrics, “My body is a burden, I’m always yearning, to be less accommodating, and say aloud how I’m feeling.” Expressing ourselves is a necessary ingredient for freedom and justice. Humans have a deep yearning to be heard, to be understood, and to matter. Frankie Cosmos hits the nail on the head with this one.

I’m Fried: Growing up, even at 22, is confusing. We are all learning what is right for us, and sometimes more importantly what is wrong. But sometimes what is wrong can feel so right. Hopefully though, connecting to our deeper feelings will drive our decisions, “I just want to know I would walk away from wrong.”

My Phone: In today’s high tech world people sit across from each other staring down at their phones. The need to disconnect is felt strongly by those who recognize their need for true connection. “My phone will die, and I won’t even cry, cause I know you’re nearby.”

Cafeteria: This song is filled with the relatable angst of not belonging.  “No one sees me.” “I wasn’t built for this world. I had sex once now I’m dead.” “What makes me so wrong.” Oh Frankie! Thank you!

Vessel: Frankie Cosmos sings to the God she calls “you” who she ‘made up when she was high.” (Lyric: “You are a word I made up when I’m high.”) She asks her God the deepest human question, ‘What is my purpose?’ An experience of not belonging so many of can relate with: “Nothing comes natural. I don’t feel my body is a vessel. But you seem to.”

Listen to the 18 track album “Vessel” and be inspired to embrace yourself fully.