This weeks roundup…

This week I’d like to thank my friends for all of their music taste, I decided this week to pay attention to what I was hearing around me rather then what was playing in my own headphones. So I combined what I heard around me with the fact that  International Women’s Day was last week, and everyday is a great day to celebrate women!

Here are some empowered, kick-ass and driven women:


Litany is a band made up of Beth Cornell and Jake Nicolaides whom reign from Harrogate, North Yorkshire. The British duo met in grade school during a Battle of The Bands style competition and have been friends ever since. The ethereal alternative-pop duo with 80’s influences set waves of hazy teenage fornication in their song “Bedroom” and breaks ground on the importance of mental illness in her “II”  with the emotive melody and pure, yet fragile sound in their recent “4 Track EP.” Go enjoy their tunes and find out more!

Natalie Prass

Natalie Prass is a funky, laid-back, disco influenced artist from Cleveland, Ohio. Her soulful voice, incredible white boots and emotional lyrics entice every part of my music spectrum possible. Her new album takes on relationships, misunderstandings, and all the passion in-between. Her perspective, put into song, creates a strong appeal to a romantic experience. Stand tall with Natalie and check out her tunes!


FEMME, Laura Bettinson, pop-art inspired solo persona from the UK features wonky electronic beats, harmonies and killer lipstick. Her talent is really like no one else, Bettison skips across drum patterns, layers her voice and flashes pop intimacy.