World’s Fair 2018 #nomoneynoborders is building the collective utopia we’ve always dreamed of. I got a chance to speak to Sasha Tycko, a.k.a. Sasha No Disco, a writer, DJ, and one of the organizers of the The World’s Fair 2018 to get a better idea of what their creating, what are the goals, and how us daydreamers can get involved.

For those who need to get in the loop, the last The World’s Fair was a six-month long project filled with art workshops, open mics, gardening, guided meditation, a vaginal health workshop, concerts, a film screening, and beyond. The fair will cumulate in a week long exposition called Utopio Expo (June 22-29,2018), which will feature all kinds of events and activities. In the months leading up to the expo the goal of planning and connecting people for the Utopa Expo is at top priority.

People can submit and work on project proposals, which will be displayed at the Utopia Expo and are encouraged to share, envision, connect, and build a collective utopia.

But the dystopia has set in for many daydreamers and being told to keep hope alive seems like an ignorant platitude to quell the rage. Luckily, however, our hopeful souls are being reignited by the few fighters and believers still left.

The World’s Fair started a year ago with a hashtag game #nomoneynoborders. Tycko described the game: “where people would post on social media about what a free world looks like to them using the hashtag and whoever got the most likes at the end of the month received a hug and a poem.” From there, two Utopia Expo festivals were organized across Chicago with the goal to save the world. The project has since bloomed into the World’s Fair 2018 bringing people together to build a utopia.

Tycko explained in order to transform the world we must first go to the root of the problem.

“It’s clear in this moment in time that money and borders are at the root of a lot problems in the world…So when you use the hashtag #nomoneynoborders to share a song about how money is the cause of so much stress, you draw out that deeper political desire and ally it with other works of art expressing a similar desire. The hashtag #nomoneynoborders is a political platform for art.”

Who knew politics art and utopia fit together so seamlessly!

Tycko is inspired by Chicago’s own DIY art, music, and activism scenes, “where people, with little capital, build up actual infrastructure to facilitate free exchange of services, housing, food, entertainment, education, and protection.” She is also inspired by activist Ida B Wells who protested the 1893 Chicago World Fair with the pamphlet titled The Reason Why the Colored American is not in the World’s Columbian Exhibition.

The Chicago World Fair of 1893 also known as Columbus World Fair was a showcase of the technological and social inventions marking 400 years since Columbus sailed to America. But as Tycko poignantly points out the World Fair of 1893 was created by white, Euro-descendant, and mostly wealthy men and not only were black Americans excluded from the fair, but “they also put people from non-Western European places, like Egypt and Turkey, on display as exhibits.” 

The World’s Fair 2018 is pushing back against history and creating a transformed exhibition built on community and universal liberation.

In Tycko’s utopian world there would be no money and borders, “where good communication is seen as an essential life skill, and people are ever expanding what it means to flourish.” If you are  musician, gallery, hacker, organizer, poet, teacher, gardener, or lover with an idea of utopia, you are encouraged to connect, build, and get involved. Attend a DIY Townhall and F12 Workshop, “Let’s Make a Plan” hosted every first Sunday of the month at Christy Webber Farm & Garden from 2-5pm.

Applications for the fair are open on a rolling basis, go to to apply and find out other ways to contribute. Or just attend the World’s Fair culminating in a week-long Utopia Expo from June 22-29.