This week we have a diverse range of artist:

Underwater Boys

The Tame Impala influenced band Underwater Boys is two brothers Nick and Tom Klar, whom mainly make music in bedrooms. Tom Sullivan helps mix and produce. The hazy psych-pop band channels calm pop songs that provide smooth vocals and a melodic rhythm. “Everyone You Know” is inspired by Tom’s diagnosis with generalized anxiety disorder, whom was diagnosed around the time they started the band. The song is about the aftermath of working through the worries of how it could affect his life and the people around him. Check out their interview with Wonderland Magazine here!

Wavy i.d. 

Wavy i.d, a band based in Humboldt Park, provide silky smooth and psychedelic pop-erotica through his jazzy beats and smooth lyrics. Adam LP  of Wavy i.d. writes and produces all of the music in his studio apartment. Just recently have released an album in December of 2017 titled Bummerpop, Vol. 2 through the local record label Feeltrip, Adam LP is only beginning to see the buzz of what his talent can do. 


SuperKnova, a Chicago based artist, is a multi-instrumental soloact fronted by Ellie Kim started in 2014. Ellie is setting new waves with her psychedelic melodies and blending talents. She recently released an album titled Splendor Dysphoria in 2017 on strawberry scented cassette tapes by Worry Records. As well, she just produced her first music video with an entire LGBTQ crew!


This mystical artist might not keep her dreamy tunes a secret, but her identity provides to be less than a hundred percent. JEFFE is based in Sydney, at least according to an online profile of hers. Her debut came with “Whoever You Love, I’m Cool” a silky, gentle emotional track that takes on a narrative of a scene where hearts our worn on shoulders and tears overfill the rivers and streams. Take a step into the realm of JEFFE and enjoy the mellow beats, wavering horns and dreamy sleep paralysis.



Gourmet dabbles in the unknown, both in his presence and his music. The South African artist has just teamed up with 1991 Global for his latest EP. This Cape-Town based artist dives into the sexual and emotional anxiety in life, with quivering beats. The multi-instrumental producer, singer and songwriter has been debuting singles and creating stunning looks since 2015. The spaghetti boy has released a new relaxed and seductive single “Jamaica” focused on the incentive from “he just wants you to take your shirt off and assure the show” If you want to know more about this spaghetti, quivery pop boy read this interview.

So, Check out the preview video for Delicious, trust me you’ll want to see this!