Sugary sweets weren’t the only things that the folks at Candyland were serving up this year! If you missed out on this celebration, do not worry.  There is always a reason to salute women and non-binary artists who are pushing for equality and promoting coexistence with their own authentic flare. In the midst of high energy music, fresh fashion and neon lights the satisfaction of the crowd is merely a reflection of the passion and dedication from all of the artists and the production crew.

Show some love and support for whats to come from our royal sweeties:
  •  Dj Sasha No Disco, host “Disco No Disco” on WHPK 88.5FM on Tuesday mornings. Go support The World’s Fair and use the hashtag #nomoneynoborders
  • Check out Maya Ru’s accessories brand, RuPink
  • Here’s an album from Emily Blue called Empower (We Grow), go show her some love!
  • Mixed Sprinkles to donate to her creative cause, empowering women and pushing boundaries! 
  • Artist Jordanna and TASHA are more than worth checking out, these ladies have yet to see how successful they will be!