Another free Monday show at the Empty Bottle provides to be a great resource for local artist in Chicago. Wavy i.d., Woongi and SUZIE will all be gracing the stage this coming Monday February 26th. Who doesn’t love free tunes and cheap beer?

The psychedelic, velvety tunes of Wavy i.d.will be taking the stage presenting his most recent album to date, bummerpop vol2, which derives extreme intimacy with smooth pop-erotica and lingering emotion. Adam LP writes and records the music in his Humboldt Park apartment in the west side of Chicago, IL. For this album the band worked with MILD HIGH CLUB and PAUL CHERRY for production help. Wavy ID speaks to every euphoric emotion you might have. Smooth lyrics, jazzy beats mixed with a psychedelic approach speaks to just the tip of the iceberg for Wavy ID’s sound.

Just recently have released an album through the local record label Feeltrip, Wavy ID is sure to see the attention they deserve in 2018.

Th weird four-peice psychedelic, euphoric sound of Woongi isn’t what you might think it is. Experimental synths, electronics, traditional instrumentals, indie pop layers and “drippy tunnel music” are some of many descriptions this evolving band takes on. The band began as a solo act with David Curtin and now consist of four members.

Woongi released ‘Music For Prophet’ last year and the psych-pop influenced album – all said to have to been influenced of the euphoria involved after drinking a MONSTER ENERGY is something everyone can love. The mixture of dream and indie pop allows us all to take a step into an nostalgia and weird-trance like experience. 

SUZIE, a glam alternative pop-rock band fronted by MARK RITSEMA, started as a platform for the exploration of emotion and the reality behind discovering the world. The shimmering guitar tones and groovy-dance beats provoke an 80’s ambiance and is given a spot on description by the label No Problem Record as an “interstellar sex-fi space-dream.” SUZIE explores different worlds and realities through the eyes of  finding themselves and experiencing every emotion for what it is, while also retaining a sense of imagination and passion for the unknown.

The Minnesota artist might even encourage you to prowl across a neon dance floor..

The show starts at 8:30PM and is 21+