Maybe it’s the weather in Chicago, but this week was influenced by deep blues, euphoric mindsets and reflection. Take a look at some of the few artist we want to show you this week. So plug in your headphones and start pressing play!

Omar Apollo

Omar is a singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumental artist from Hobart, Indiana. The Jimmy Fallon obsessed 20-year old showcases jazzy beats, warm guitar tones and soulful influences bringing nostalgia of days passed. The video below is filmed in NYC while he was there to perform a show at New York University.  Look out for more about Omar.


TASHA, a singer, poet, and Black queer organizer raised in Chicago, IL. Tasha Viets-VanLear started out participating in Young Chicago Authors at the age of fifteen, in 2016 TASHA released her first project, Divine Love. Tying her poetry into her sets, speaking on Black joy and self-love Tasha is a whirlwind of empowerment and grace. BYP100, a nonprofit African-American youth organization, is also a source of inspiration for her, living in a world without police and prisons. TASHA uses her music as a source of revolution, liberation and love.

Ginger Root

A self-released album in 2017, the debut by Cameron Lew’s solo project Ginger Root. Lew, originally from Huntington Beach, showcases dreamy, spacey sounds that venture through the themes of love and wonder. Lew initially recorded this LP as a five-song EP at his home studio, but after realizing the drive behind the project, he decided to use this artistic groove to launch the project into a full LP. This is where Lew set north to his uncles house in San Francisco where he set up a DIY studio and gave life a to a longtime aspiration of recording outdoors.

Modern Cults

This alternative-indie influenced artist, delicately plays with tones, guitar chords and vocals that create a hazy disposition, for a spiritual intent. Ryan Orda, the one and only member of the band, writes and records all of his music in his tiny studio apartment in Chicago, IL. Stay tuned for more about Modern Cults!